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Musical Instruments Exhibition

cultur vystavka
Museum of Music and Folklore of Peoples of Yakutia and Culture Department of Gorny region welcome to Exhibition Kөmүs dorҕoonnor (Golden Sounds), dedicated to the creative activity of well-known folk masters of Yakutia.

At the end of 1960 for the first time in the history of the Yakut national culture on the stages of theaters and clubs, on radio and television the revived Yakut folk musical instruments have begun to sound in the ensemble and orchestral performance.

The exhibition presents the bow string and percussion instruments of different years, created in Berdigestyakh workshop of national instruments, paintings and objects of decorative art from the collection of Museum of Music and Folklore of Peoples of Yakutia, the museum-gallery of Gorny region of Yakutia.

The exhibition is open until October 31.