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Foreign athletes training for Winter Olympic Games in South Yakutia


These days Russian cross country skiing team under the leadership of Yuri Kaminsky is training at Winter Sports Center in Aldan, South Yakutia.

In addition to the Russians there are representatives of China, South Koreans are expected to arrive in South Yakutia. Thanks to special climatic conditions, the athletes have already started ski training.

aldan 2

“The Winter Olympics 2018 will be held in South Korea in Pyeongchang. Aldan is located in the same time zone and at the same height above the sea level – it means that athletes will have exactly the same physical loading, and they will not have to adapt to the local time. And we like first natural snow here. In addition, natural organic foods – blueberries and cranberries - are very useful for the vision of biathlonists and young horse meat, stroganina (sliced frozen fish) are useful for recovery after grueling workouts,” - said Director of Sports Training Center in winter sports Nikolai Ivanov.

china aldan

According to him, young Chinese athletes train in Aldan who are now 15-16 years old. Coaches and athletes also enjoy the convenience of ski-run and the fact that all is in one place: a hotel, a dining room, a gym, a shooting range and other facilities.

“The Winter Olympics 2022 will be held in Beijing, and the Chinese are already preparing their young athletes, by the time they will be in top form. In addition, all foreigners want to train with the Russian team, the world's cross-country skiing leaders and biathletes,” - he said.

After Yakutia the Russian athletes will go to Finland, where they will continue to train for the FIS Cross-Country World Cup and World Cup in Lahti.