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Must-see in Yakutia


Today Yakutia is celebrating two major dates: Statehood Day of the Republic and World Tourism Day. On the occasion of these dates ‘Yakutia Today’ offers a visit to three unique places located in the heart of the capital.

The Kingdom of Permafrost

Permafrost kingdom 2222

A unique ice bar with ice glasses and tasty stroganina (sliced frozen fish); Paleontological Museum, where you can see the bones of prehistoric animals; ice slides and sculptures - the first acquaintance with Yakutia begins in The Kingdom of Permafrost, where the year-round temperature is sub-zero: in the summer (-4 degrees), and the winter (-10 degrees).

Treasury of Yakutia

almaz kak eto

Diamond Hall, polished diamonds and other precious stones, hall of exclusive products, the history of mining and processing of precious metals ... - all the precious Yakutia in front of you as on a palm.

Tygyn Darkhan Restaurant

Tygyn D rest

After visiting these places go to dine in the restaurant of the Yakut cuisine - Tygyn Darkhan. In order to understand the Yakut cuisine one should prospect curious dishes - young horse meat, which is also served raw like stroganina, nourishing meat soup, fish from the North, the national drink made from mare's milk - koumiss.

Tuyara Mikhailova