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How to start acquaintance with Yakutia

IMG 0052Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world economy. In recent years, the industry achieved many positive results in the field of domestic and inbound tourism in Yakutia. Largely thanks to entrepreneurs who not only promote their business ideas, think through new tourist routes but also preserve and multiply the unique culture of Sakha people.
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Vasily Atlasov has made significant progress in this field, who for more than twenty years has been actively engaged in the promotion of ethnographic tourism. He is the initiator of ethnographic construction, entrepreneur, hereditary hunter, master of all trades.

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On the eve of Entrepreneur's Day of Yakutia, which is celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday of September, and World Tourism Day, we met with Vasily Atlasov and talked about the peculiarities of doing business in the field of tourism.

IMG 0077Ytyk Haya Tourist Complex of the Atlasovs is a must-see not only for tourists from the central regions of Russia but foreign tourists as well.

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Today The Atlasov’s House is not just a national cuisine restaurant, but a whole complex with a unique national flavor, buildings, sculptures, constructions of natural materials. Here you can conduct business negotiations, relax from the city and have fun, join the national traditions, pass Algys rite of blessing, enjoy fine dining of Yakut cuisine and get a little closer to nature, its pristine beauty.

IMG 0092This year, the Atlasov’s House has opened a real Eco Park, where you can see the unique sculptures, created from natural materials: wood, marsh tussocks, bulrush and sand. Well-known masters, painters and sculptors produced large sculptures of a mammoth, dinosaur, Bull of Cold and other animals. “The idea of creating such a park was born a long time ago, but only this year I managed to bring it to life. Here are sculptures made from natural materials, in the future the park will be filled up with more interesting sculptures and constructions made of stones, pressed by the explosion of volcanic rocks. Our Eco Park was created primarily in order to provide people with an alternative form of outdoor recreation. In addition, our tourist complex operates all year round, in the winter you can go ice skating, sledding, riding snowmobiles, playing snowballs, building a snow fort, and in the spring  one can taste barbecues, admire ice sculptures, in the summer you can visit Bulus  glacier,”- says Vasily Atlasov.

PR Department of District Administration of Yakutsk
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