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Stone people - the Kisilyakh Mountain

19 09

A true masterpiece of Yakutia is the Kisilyakh Mountain. It is located in the Verkhoyansk area on the watershed of the rivers of Yana and Adycha in spurs of the Kisilyakhsky ridge, a part of the mountain system of the Chersky Range. The mountain is 1070 meters above sea level; its length is about 25 kilometers. It is all dotted with columnar cliffs, the average height of which is 25 - 30 meters.

Kisilyakh ("stone people") – the sacred place for the Yakuts, the age of which is 60 million years.  The Kisilyakh Mountain is a unique creation of nature, one of the unique natural wonders and truly holy for the Yakuts. There are no other mountains in Yakutia, so revered and cherished.

It is believed that in ancient times the Yakuts and Evens, who lived in the vicinity of the mountain, when in trouble, always appealed to higher powers through the mountains of Kisilyakh. Only shamans were allowed to climb the sacred mountain. According to the Yakut legend, magical powers of the Upper Gods – Aar Aiyy – were crystallized in the mountain. It is believed that exactly on this mountain there is the Gate of Angels, which leads to the monastery of Upper Deities. Here, each rock embodies its own divinity, each of which carries its own separate mission. According to ancient legend, long ago, when the land had not yet been covered by snow and ice, nature was rich and people lived in the mountains.