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‘Northern Mosaic’ Tourist Project

Cape Tabaga

In 2017, 197 million rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for the implementation of ‘Northern Mosaic’ tourist project of Yakutia.  First of all, funds will be spent on the formation of energy infrastructure, said Deputy Head of Federal Tourism Agency, Nikolai Korolev.

To date, the road to the complex is laid and gas supply available at the expense of Yakutia. The next step is the construction of energy facilities. Creation of engineering infrastructure to be completed in 2018, according to Minister for Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development of Yakutia Ekaterina Kormilitsyna.

Northern Mosaic is a tourism cluster, covering an area of 20 hectares, located 33 km from Yakutsk near Cape Tabaga. This is one of the most picturesque and geographically advantageous locations on the Lena River in terms of tourism development.

The goal of the project is to create a year-round, highly effective and competitive tourist complex. The cluster will consist of cottages, canteens, baths, saunas, and a ski slope. Facilities will be located at the foot of Cape Tabaga. The cluster will include such tourist complexes as Scandinavia, Cossack Outpost, Forest Sloboda, Yamschik’s Station, and Kingdom of the Yakut winter.