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More than 10.000 people visited the Lena Pillars in winter


This year the park for the first time officially began to receive tourists in the winter months

On April 14, the Labydya area hosted the closing ceremony of the winter tourist season in the Lena Pillars Nature Park.

As part of the closing of the tourist season, the most delicious festival was held - the Shashlyk Festival - 2018.

Director of the Nature Park Arkady Semenov thanked the staff of the park for the successful work in the winter tourist season. Arkady Anatolyevich noted that during the winter tourist season the park was visited by 10.090 people.

As stressed by the environmental minister of Yakutia, the first experience shows that winter routes are in great demand. "The comments made during the season are taken into account and lead to better work. New routes will be opened, the quality of services will be improved,” added Sakhamin Afanasiev.

Let's note, this year for the first time the sale of tickets to visit the Nature Park was carried out through the box-offices of Yakutsk movie-theaters.