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Tourism development on the agenda


Yakutia plans to increase the tourist flow to 200 thousand tourists by 2030, taxes from the industry - up to 1 billion rubles.

The indicator, as the branch ministry explained, is tied to a certain stage. The results for the second stage of the Strategy for development of tourist industry in the republic were announced at a government meeting on August 23.

For four years the republic was visited by 193 thousand tourists, the volume of tourist services amounted to 590.7 million, hotel services - 952.4 million rubles, tax deductions - 2.6 billion rubles. 18 municipal tourist complexes with 50 objects have been created. There were 4 promotional events, which were attended by 193 people, events - Ysyakh, Winter Starts in Yakutia, Diamond Week, 15 tourist routes have been certified, there are two accredited hotels Sonata*** and Polar Star****,184 students receive a certificate of compliance of industry workers.

464.85 million rubles from the budget was allocated to the implementation of the strategy. 194.9 million rubles - invested in the creation of the ‘Northern Mosaic’ Tourist-Recreational Cluster. A part of 135.17 million rubles, attracted from extrabudgetary sources, is also directed to the construction of this cluster.

Minister of Investment & Enterprise Anton Safronov informed about attraction of foreign investors, construction of hotels in Oimyakon and a world-class hotel in Yakutsk, development of small aircraft as an auxiliary factor of the industry development. The Minister said that this year's event of Diamond Week will be held in Moscow within the framework of the Days of Yakutia. "This is a marketing step to attract more tourists to the republic in the future. But this does not mean that the event is being closed here," Safronov said.

First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksei Struchkov showed particular interest in the implementation of the tourism development.  He asked whether it is possible to isolate foreigners in the general statistics of tourists visiting Yakutia, was interested in the volume of planned investments in the industry, and whether it is planned to purchase cruise liners instead of obsolete ones. "I'm not saying that nothing has been done. A lot has been done, tourist camps have been built in the districts. But they are more meant for us, local hunting and fishing. In terms of mass tourism, they do not work. Mass tourism will not work with the international terminal that we have, when the hour should be queued for passport control, and you have to wait two hours to get luggage. It is necessary to approach the development of the industry in a real, integrated way,” said Struchkov, suggesting a serious analysis of the project being implemented.

Meanwhile, the ministry reported that the task was 95% completed.