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Far East is open to tourists and investors: 166 electronic visas issued

vladivostok visa

The simplified visa regime is aimed at strengthening business ties and tourism. As of August 10, 2017, for two days, 166 people received an electronic visa, commented Pavel Volkov, State Secretary and Deputy Minister for Development of Russian Far East.

Most of all electronic visas are issued to Chinese citizens. It was given to 78 people. Japan is on the second place. An electronic visa is approved for 61 citizens of this country. On the third place is Morocco with 14 issued visas.

Pavel Volkov, State Secretary - Deputy Minister for Development of Russian Far East

Citizens of 7 other countries were also approved: Algeria (3 people), India (3), Iran (2), Saudi Arabia (2), Kuwait (1 person), Singapore (1 person) and Tunisia (1 person). Foreigners arrange a single business, tourist or humanitarian visa.

"This mechanism is created so that foreigners can get acquainted with the Far East, its culture and unique nature, so that mutual cooperation between our countries develops. Now, residents of 18 countries can enter under a simplified scheme. We hope that they will begin to travel more actively to us, to the Far East, thanks to which more projects will be implemented in the sphere of culture, tourism and business. There is a well-known formula that works all over the world - today a tourist, tomorrow an investor," Pavel Volkov stressed.

An electronic visa can be arranged on a special website. "It is easy to do this: you must specify your passport details and attach a photo to the application. An answer will be received within the next four days. Now we see that this happens more quickly. Electronic visas began to be issued on the first day of full-fledged work of the site," the deputy minister said.

As previously reported by the Minister for Development of Russian Far East, Aleksandr Galushka, for the first day an electronic visa was issued to 90 foreign citizens. Currently, you can enter the Primorsky Krai via an electronic visa through two checkpoints: sea checkpoint in Vladivostok and Knevichi airport. Since January 2018, four checkpoints will operate, including Kamchatka and the Sakhalin region.