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Diamond Way of Yakutia

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The list of tourist routes of Yakutia is supplemented with a new original trip - the administration of the Myrninsky district developed a tour route on the history of the "diamond track," TASS reports. The tour route includes the natural park Living Diamonds of Yakutia, Holy Trinity Cathedral, D.I. Savrasov Kimberlites Museum, MIR quarry and other sights of the diamond region.

According to the head of the district Rishat Yuzmukhametov, the new tourist destination is an unexplored page, which should be opened in the history of the domestic diamond mining center. There is hope that the new tour will be popular with tourists who are still infrequent guests in Mirny.


The landmark of the city of Mirny is an entry sign, the stele in honor of participants of motor vehicles driving. Here, participants of all tour routes begin acquaintance with the tourist potential of the diamond capital of Russia. Also the new tour itinerary includes the recreation area The Vilyui Ring, which is a monument to the geologist pioneers, the natural park inhabited by "living diamonds" of Yakutia - musk oxen, Holy Trinity Cathedral built on the initiative of ALROSA.

In the future, it is planned to open Arctic deposits of diamonds for tourists. As Yuzmukhametov notes, it is still difficult to show nine quarries to tourists, where diamonds are mined, mainly because of the severe climate and complex logistics, but all problems are being solved, the administration is working on it.

The Mirninsky district is located in the western part of Yakutia and considered to be the Russian center for diamond mining, which accounts for approximately 14% of the world production. In terms of the level of industrial development, engineering, transport and social infrastructure, the district occupies one of the leading places in the republic. The volume of industrial production is about 81.2% of the total output of goods and services in the district.

Mirninsky, Aikhalo-Udachninsky and Srednebotuobinsk mining hubs are located here, the main specializations of which are mining of diamonds, oil, natural gas, power generation and production of building materials. In the territory of Western Yakutia, the fuel and energy complex has been formed, which includes an autonomous power system with reserve heat energy sources, the oil and gas complex consisting of natural gas and crude oil production and transportation facilities.