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Sights of Yakutia to enter Five Elements

sights of Yakutia 190517
The routes are being developed in the tourist information center of Primorsky Krai.

Cross-border and interregional routes across the Far East are gaining popularity among foreign tourists, ascertained participants of 3rd Pacific Tourist Forum, which yesterday (May 18) kicked off in Vladivostok.

In the opinion of Daria Guseva, Director of the Primorsky Tourism Information Center, one of them should be the Five Elements route, including the natural attractions of Yakutia, Khabarovsk Krai, Kamchatka and Primorye. "Another route that we present is the Fire Tiger for 10 days. It involves visiting the landmark places of Primorye, the symbol of which is the tiger, as well as the Diamond Week in Yakutia,- told Daria Guseva at the Forum, Cooperation in the field of tourism with the PRC.

Daria Guseva added that such routes attract Chinese tourists to the region. In the first quarter of the year Primorye was visited by 73 thousand Chinese tourists, which is 35% more than in the same period last year, said the director of the TIC.

In turn, Jang Xiujie, a junior researcher at the Institute for Northeast Asian Studies of the Academy of Social Sciences of Heilongjiang Province, China, noted that cross-border routes have great potential for the development of tourism, in particular, the sights of northern China, Mongolia, the Trans-Baikal region and the Russian Far East.