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The first illustrated travel guide released in Yakutia


The NEFU Institute of Natural Sciences published the first illustrated guide to Yakutia. As reported by the NEFU press service, there are no analogues of the directory - it gives detailed information about each district of the republic.

"The illustrated guide to Yakutia is a unique project. It contains reliable information about each region. From Neryungri to Tiksi, from Mirny to Chersky - tourists will find what to see and where to rest,” - says the author, Associate Professor of the NEFU Institute of Natural Sciences Svetlana Ivanova.

The guide includes information about tourist routes, tourist centers, hotels, museums, historical sites, places of interest, natural monuments. It consists of maps for each ulus of Yakutia showing the specific places worth visiting, practical advice and descriptions, photographs.

Pocket-sized guidebook is in Russian.