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Arctic deposits of diamonds - for tourists

Industrial tourism

The authorities of Yakutia plan to open Arctic deposits of diamonds for tourists, creating new tour routes on the territory of the Mirny region. Rishat Yuzmukhametov, head of the region, informed TASS.

"We want to focus on the development of industrial tourism. We have been trying to get into the federal target program for several years. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible due to the fact that some enterprises are restricted access facilities, 15 years ago the entrance to us was limited," - Rishat Yuzmukhametov said.

"Tourist destination is still an unexplored page, which should be opened in the history of the Mirny region - the domestic diamond mining center. It is still difficult to show 9 quarries, where diamonds are mined, because of the severe climate and complex logistics, but all problems could be solved, and we are working on it," - he said.

According to him, there is "The Diamond Way" tour route in the region. "This tour route attracts tourists once a year - in September. Investors interested in visiting Yakutia and diamond mining companies arrive by charter flights. In particular, they visit the diamond sorting shop, the MIR Mine, get acquainted with the city of Mirny, and then go to Yakutsk, where they take part in the auction for the sale of diamonds," – Rishat Yuzmukhametov said.

The Mirny region is located in the western part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and is considered the Russian center of diamond mining. Diamond mining in the Mirny region accounts for approximately 14% of the world's production. In terms of the level of development of industrial, engineering, transport, social infrastructure, the region occupies one of the leading places in the republic. The volume of industrial production is about 81.2% of the volume of goods output and services for the region.

Mirny, Aikhalo-Udachny and Srednebotuobinsk mining hubs are located here, specializing in mining of diamonds, oil and natural gas, electricity generation and production of building materials.

Currently in the territory of Western Yakutia, there is the fuel and energy complex, which includes an autonomous power system with backup sources of heat, oil and gas complex, consisting of objects of extraction and transportation of natural gas and crude oil.