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Anton Safronov: Yakutia has great potential for promoting science tourism

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In addition to winter event tourism, it is time to consistently develop science tourism in Yakutia. This was stated by Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia Anton Safronov while laying flowers in front of the monument to explorer Sergei Obruchev at the Pole of Cold.

On March 25, the participants of ‘Pole of Cold’ International Tourism Festival paid tribute to the memory of discoverer of the Ridge of Chersky, geologist-geographer, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Sergei Obruchev in the village of Tomtor of Oimyakonsky ulus.

Speaking about the outstanding contribution of the scientist in studying the geology and geomorphology of Yakutia, the minister noted the need to continue the studies initiated by Russian and Soviet scientists. "There are many unique places in Yakutia that are of interest to the world scientific community. The development of tourism in this area has great potential," - said Anton Safronov, stressing that experience of Oimyakon needs to translated into other regions of the republic.

According to the sounded information, more than 30 documentary-historical films were filmed here by foreign professional film companies. Just since last fall more than 400 foreign tourists and more than 1.000 visitors from the regions of Russia visited the Pole of Cold.

In 1926, Obruchev's expedition concluded that the "King of Frost" was a locality with geographic coordinates of 63 degrees north latitude and 142 degrees east longitude - that’s how Oimyakon received the status of the Pole of Cold.