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Attractions of Yakutia: the Sinyaya River Pillars

Sinyaya pillars

Tourists and lovers of natural beauty pay thousands of dollars to look at the ancient limestone pillars in the county of Wales, and they are completely unaware that in Yakutia there are much more fabulous rocks, and a trip to this pristine region is much cheaper.

200 km away from the city of Yakutsk on the banks of the Lena River there are steep, vertical cliffs, dubbed “The Lena Pillars.” But this is not about them. Almost next to them (the destination can be reached within 10 minutes by helicopter) there are the Sinyaya River Pillars. Although the Sinyaya River Pillars are not as advertised as the Lena Pillars, they are not unmatched in beauty, especially in the place where raging stream of the river flows right under the cliffs. Arches, stone bridges, spiers and turrets... This place is more like a stone palace, built by a genius architect than a miracle of nature - the game of wind, earth and water.

The uniqueness of the Sinyaya River Pillars lies in a special geological value. On the Sinyaya River Pillars there are Cambrian deposits, which are of particular geological and paleontological value. In addition, there is the diversity of flora and fauna, which is important to preserve for future generations. Among the plants there are endemics both of Yakutia and the world. According to scientists, the Sinyaya River Pillars will help learn the early evolution of life on Earth during the Cambrian period. On the Sinyaya River Pillars there are Lower Cambrian deposits containing rich set of fossil organisms that are 535-510 million years old. In several places on the rocky outcrops there are surviving Neolithic drawings.

Sinyaya pillars 2

How to get there

You can reach by road to the Sinyaya River, but part of the way you will still have to take a go-anywhere vehicle, then it will be necessary to raft down the river. Or you can fly by helicopter and see the Sinyaya River Pillars from above.

Sinyaya pillars 3

Rafting and trekking

Rock ledges look like a Cyclopean staircase, gloomy and magnificent mass of which rises above a green valley. The mouth of the river in this place, as a rule, is usually shallow; upstream there are rapids, so you can get to the upper reaches by helicopter or by car along the highway. If the water is high, you can reach up to the Pillars from the Lena River. At the mouth of the Sinyaya River, which is one of the tributaries of the Lena River, archaeologists have found the sites of ancient people.

There is a tourist route to the Sinyaya River Pillars, 160 km long, and difficulty category №2.

Along the way there are tourist camps and hunting lodges. If you happen to travel to the Sinyaya River Pillars, you can stay in these places.

Photo by Ivan Dementievskiy