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This is just the beginning

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December 7, 2016 - a press conference of the Commissioner for Tourism at the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Andrei Khoroshev (Andrei E).

Andrei E - Soviet and Russian actor, director, writer, Tv presenter, Chairman of the Commission for the information society, the image of the region, media, the development of tourism of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

- Tourism Commissioner of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is a completely new position, the control vertical of the development of tourism locally.

- Russia is so large that Tourism Agency's activities are not always monitored because of the weakness of infrastructure. That’s why the institute of public commissioners is established at Public Chambers of regions.

Weak infrastructure

The main task is to coordinate all activities related to tourism development with the local authorities.

This is to protect travelers locally when force majeure situations occur.

What are the essence and the beginning of all this activity? According to Model Provisions for Tourism Commissioners and as a result of my consultations with the Public Council of the Federal Tourism Agency, it all begins with the formation of small infrastructure. There is an approved mega program up to 2030.

Nobody knows anything about Yakutia...

Moscow experts draw attention to the main disadvantage, which we all know - that nobody knows anything about Yakutia.... At best people know about Siberia, it is somewhere at the world’s end, somewhere in Russia, where it is cold. So far, even in Russia when we speak about Yakutia they know about diamonds, and that we walk down the streets together with bears...

And what is necessary for people to know that there is an attractive tourism product? It really exists! Yakutia is the only region where the annual range of temperatures is 100 degrees! In winter it is – 60, in summer + 40. It is noted in all directories. This is one of the semantic brands of Yakutia. Everything else comes from this: the development of cold-tourism. Finland and Sweden are now leaders in cold tourism. Luxury hotels made of ice, but for this they have to artificially cool the ice, ensure that it does not melt... It's contrary to cold tourism. We do the opposite. Our low temperatures call for the thing that tourism cannot be only summer-oriented. We live in a rational world, most of the time we experience the cold, and the whole tourism cannot be focused only on the summer!

The main segment of tourists comes here in the summer, the most unpretentious tourism. Where does a tourist go? To the Lena Pillars. Of course, it’s great that there is winter tourism. Oymyakon, Pole of Cold. But these are still single tours.

Image of the republic

It is necessary to carry out monitoring of modern tourist products. There is a program - "Yakutia - 360 degrees."

Information field: the information is concentrated in the images, and then they form a route interesting for people. For even uncreated cluster of Yakutsk we can do something worthwhile not to carry tourists somewhere far away. Or before a tourist goes to the Pole of Cold, we can show all and tell everything here. Need money? - We have businessmen, tour operators, who are thriving pretty well.

Nikolai Argunov