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World Mammoth Center - Popular Place of Interest

mamont centre

Tourism in Yakutia is developing successfully - in recent years the flow of travelers has increased by 35%, which is more than 200 thousand Russian and foreign citizens. The republic developed a strategic approach to the development of domestic and inbound tourism. At a meeting with the public of Yakutia Head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov told about his impressions from the visit to "Northern Mosaic" tourist and recreational cluster which is being built now and discussed the tourism potential of Yakutia.

"Northern Mosaic is very important project for us. Today we visited the tourist-recreational cluster to see what has been done. Starting next year, the second phase will begin,"- said Oleg Safonov. According to him, Yakutia heightens interest because of its winter, Oymyakon as Pole of Cold, and eco-tourism - hunting and fishing. Yakut diamonds and folk craft are equally popular among tourists. Do not be afraid of the Yakut winter and -45 degree frost. Together with the Government of the Republic we need to work on brands of Yakutia to make them known all over the world.

In this regard, the head of the Federal Tourism Agency said that, in his opinion, the most interesting, and important object of Yakutia is The World Centre of Mammoth. It will carry out various scientific research in the republic and show tourists the unique finds in the territory of Yakutia.

Andrei Shilov