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Taste of Yakutia

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Yakutsk hosted III Gastronomic Festival Taste of Yakutia within the frame of ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia' Festival. It was attended by eight of the leading restaurants in the capital: Makhtal, Toto Khana, Mandarin Entertainment Center, Chochur Muran, Evropa Entertainment Center, Mammoth, Ethnographic Complex of the Atlasovs, and Lena Pillars restaurant.

The jury evaluated dishes according to the following criteria: presentation of dishes, design and service, taste and cooking manufacturability, use of forgotten national cuisine recipes of the peoples of the Far North and the Arctic.

Yakut cuisine at all times differs mainly by food quality. In Yakutia due to harsh climatic conditions there are no parasites. The meat is ecologically clean and fat. Food habit of the population of the republic in the old days was different kinds of meat, of both domestic and wild animals. Also frozen raw meat, young horse liver and various delicious fish from the northern rivers. Around this gastronomic peculiarity our modern chefs are building their work to preserve best traditions of the northern cuisine, preparing gourmet cuisine.

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