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Attractions of Yakutia: Kyuryulyur Waterfalls


Kyuryulyur - small waterfalls on the Menda River in Yakutia. Located on the right bank of the Lena River in the taiga 110 km away from Yakutsk.  Kyuryulyur has become a popular holiday destination in the summer for Yakutsk residents, tourists and guests of Yakutia.

According to one version the Yakuts named the waterfall "kyuryulyur" based on the similarity of the sound of the word with purl of water and splash of water flow.

You can not only relax in this area, take a swim, have a walk and enjoy the scenery, but also have excellent fishing: in the river Menda (its stream course forms the waterfalls) there is a considerable number of lenok, dace and grayling… Here you can also hunt after acquiring a license. As it turns out in Kyuryulyur one can have a great time in winter or spring. There you can slide down an ice chute, fry shashlik on wood-fired grills provided by hosts (they give firewood too), enjoy ice figures and unprecedented views of frozen waterfalls, skate, ride snow-mobiles and horses, do Sporting and many more useful and extremely interesting activities.

On the shores of Menda, you can find very rare blue clay. According to the legend, the person who finds it should smear this clay over the body, and the whole year he will not be ill, and the women who have taken advantage of its miraculous power, will be able to save on visits to the beautician.

Not far from the camp site there are no less popular vacation spots - Buluus and Turuk-haia...

Andrei Shilov