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Attractions of Yakutia: Labynkyr Lake


Labynkyr Lake for several hundred years has been famous for its mystery.  As told by legends, Labynkyr Lake is a place of a dreadful monster like Loch Ness in Scotland. Cryptozoologists hypothesize on the nature of "dreadful monster": a giant pike, relict reptile or amphibian.

According to locals – a large relict animal may inhabit the lake. Locals say that the lake is home to "devils" and the first mention of them belong to the late XIX - early XX centuries. The eyewitness descriptions coincide in general. The length of it is about nine or ten meters, the width is one meter twenty – one meter fifty, dark gray, "with a big head, that the distance between its eyes is not less than 10 rafts of logs." The body is slightly flattened on top and bottom; there is a bone horn about one meter long, jaws, like a long beak with many small teeth.

Labynkyr Lake refers to the number of unique lakes. This is one of the categories of protected areas established for the conservation of lakes, unique in its origin, and of special ecological, social, and aesthetic value.

Most of the year Labynkyr is covered with ice, but it freezes much later than other lakes in Yakutia. When other lakes are already deeply frozen here is just a thin crust of ice along the coast. Moreover, even in the most severe winter one can find some big ice-holes.

Andrei Shilov