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Number of ‘South Yakutia’ residents grows

Thanks to the launch of new enterprises, more and more companies are becoming anchor residents of the ‘South Yakutia’ Advanced Development Zone. Such an opinion was expressed by Valery Tsivilev, Kolmar Group CEO.

ALROSA ‘Internatsionalny’ mine starts blind skip shaft

A complex of sub-vertical skip shaft (no direct access to the surface) was commissioned at the 'Internatsionalny' mine of ALROSA Mirny Ore Mining & Processing Plant, designed to deliver ore more efficiently from deep workings.
It will allow to optimize the scheme for issuing kimberlite ore and reduce the costs of technical and material resources.


Ivanov Borisov
ALROSA is a state-owned company, it traditionally involves many important regional projects. On the other hand, the diamond company today is struggling for production efficiency, reduces operating expenses, and, in a new way, evaluates the degree of its participation in various social projects.
But there are priorities that continue to remain in the sphere of attention of ALROSA - motherhood and childhood, environmental protection, culture and art, health.

CHEER Festival. Hockey stars’ know-how

NastroenieFest 1
ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, again hosted the CHEER festival in Yakutia (‘Nastroenie’ festival), where almost 90% of its employees work.
This time the joint-stock company organized another entertaining series of master classes, open lessons, friendly matches and shows together with its sports partner - the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.
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Sergei Ivanov on a working visit to Zimbabwe

Sergei Ivanov, General Director of ALROSA, headed the delegation of the Company on a working visit to the Republic of Zimbabwe. He met with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to discuss investment opportunities in the exploration and mining of diamonds in Zimbabwe.