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CHEER Festival. Hockey stars’ know-how

NastroenieFest 1
ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, again hosted the CHEER festival in Yakutia (‘Nastroenie’ festival), where almost 90% of its employees work.
This time the joint-stock company organized another entertaining series of master classes, open lessons, friendly matches and shows together with its sports partner - the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.
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A unique curling track is open in Yakutsk

Yakutsk hosted a remarkable event, which is worthy not only for the sports community, but also for all connoisseurs of exotic and extreme sports, lovers of an active lifestyle.
All this was accomplished thanks to people with amazing enthusiasm and spiritual impulses - the opening of a curling track on permafrost.
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Mirny in anticipation of the upcoming festival

April 12 - 18, the hurricane of emotions will overwhelm the Diamond Province - the 'Nastroenie' Festival. Legends of Soviet and Russian hockey will arrive in Mirny, Aikhal and Udachny. The Festival is organized by ALROSA and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

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1st ALROSA Cup in Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

DinM 117
Last weekend in Mirny the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace hosted the official rating competitions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock and roll, which gathered more than 120 people from Aikhal, Udachny and Yakutsk.

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