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CHEER Festival. Hockey stars’ know-how

  • Published in Sport
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ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, again hosted the CHEER festival in Yakutia (‘Nastroenie’ festival), where almost 90% of its employees work.
This time the joint-stock company organized another entertaining series of master classes, open lessons, friendly matches and shows together with its sports partner - the Russian Ice Hockey Federation.

The CHEER festival, which took place in three cities of Mirny district, Udachny, Aikhal and Mirny, was really a success. Within eight days residents of the Diamond Province got acquainted, intercommunicated and played with the stars of Soviet and Russian hockey. Olympic champion Mikhail Vasiliev, two-time winner of the Gagarin Cup Igor Grigorenko, as well as a hockey expert of Match TV and KHL TV, in the recent past a remarkable player Aleksandr Boikov conducted more than 14 master classes, donated about a dozen of pucks, sticks and photos with their autographs. But the most spectacular were the friendly matches of local teams under the patronage of star guests.

Mikhail Vasiliev, Igor Grigorenko and Aleksandr Boikov trained young players for an hour, helping them to perform various exercises. The famous guests talked about the intricacies and tips and tricks of the game, as well as showed exercises that form strength and dexterity. The children performed exercises on the ice diligently, quickly maneuvering around obstacles, skated racing each other, and practiced with a stick. The youngest children did not quite understand that the guests were real stars, then the older children understood perfectly, everything was all clear to them. They showed their respect to the legends of hockey at once: by their attention, by diligent and accurate performance of training exercises.

Most active participants of the master classes were presented memorable gifts and sports equipment (hockey sticks, pucks and T-shirts).

According to our honored guests, the boys of Mirny, as well as in Aikhal and Udachny, are very well prepared for their age. The most important thing when their desire to play hockey is sincere. Guys should really train and always strive to win against their rivals on the ice.

"Of course, one hour classes do not teach all the tricks of hockey. But it is important for them through our communication to come in contact with top-class sports, to believe in themselves and to see through our example that the stars are not born,” noted the Olympic champion of 1984, Mikhail Vasiliev. "The goal of such events is to attract the attention of the young generation to hockey, to give the guys a chance to feel that the wildest dreams of great sport can come true."

For many residents of the Diamond Province - hockey is not a hobby, but a way of life. This sport is very special for the Company's employees. The diamond giant has been closely cooperating with the Russian Hockey Federation for many years. The result was a friendly match under the patronage of the stars of Soviet and Russian hockey. It became possible thanks to the CHEER festival. Indeed, today miners, locksmiths, drivers play hockey. Within the festival they had the opportunity to play with the stars of Soviet and Russian hockey. After the game, the athletes did not leave the ice arena for another half an hour. They took pictures while having the autograph session. Everyone wanted to remember this day for a long time. The day when everyone could play on equal terms with the legends of Russian hockey.

It's nice to note that master classes with sports legends are held in Mirny district not for the first time. At the end of last year, the Diamond Province of Yakutia met the stars of basketball and acrobatic rock'n'roll. The experience of interaction with the stars of such magnitude greatly affects the quality of the work of the coaching staff, influences the younger generation, for the education of whom the ALROSA Company exerts every possible effort.

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