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Sardana Osipova: I do not have the blood of Sakha, but the soul of the Yakut people lives in me

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Sardana burst into the world of Mas-Wrestling, like a flaming meteor - bright, beautiful and sweeping away all rivals

Within three years she became the champion of Europe, Russia and finally won the most expensive sport trophy - the 2017 World Cup, having won all three stages on the way to it. Today she made herself into an avatar of a young and promising martial art - Mas-Wrestling.

Sardana Osipova is originally from the village of Grafsky Bereg in Nam ulus. She is the second most senior child of seven children of a large family. In the family everyone is engaged in sports.


Osipova joined Mas-Wrestling being a well-known athlete. She was well-connected in the circle of athletes engaged in power sports - crossfit, powerlifting, armlifting (in this sport she scored the norms of the master of sports of the Russian Federation and is an international specialist in this category). By that time, she graduated from the Dmitry Mindiashvili Krasnoyarsk Academy of Wrestling and went through the fierce fights on the carpet.

"If I were engaged in pulling a stick from those times, I would have achieved more," she says regretfully.

She came back to Mas-Wrestling in six years. In 2016, the world champion from Namtsy Anatoly Gladkov began to train her.


Where do the most dangerous rivals live? Sardana responds that among the European countries the strongest are athletes from Hungary and Germany. Promising athletes come from America. If we take the Russian regions, we cannot fail to mention the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. Well, the best in the world today live in Yakutia. So, the heaviest fight she had at the semifinals of the Russian championship last year, where she fought with the current champion of the republic Natasha Chernogradskaya.

Osipova scratched out a win with a score of 2: 1. The final with the Buryat athlete, representing the Moscow region, was easier.


"I do not have the blood of Sakha," says the champion in pure Yakut language. "My grandfather comes from Belarus, and my grandmother's lineage is Don Cossacks, but the soul of the Sakha people lives in me."

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