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1st ALROSA Cup in Acrobatic Rock'n'Roll

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Last weekend in Mirny the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace hosted the official rating competitions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock and roll, which gathered more than 120 people from Aikhal, Udachny and Yakutsk.

The Cup was organized by the All-Russian Federation of Dance Sport and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll in cooperation with ALROSA.

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The program of the competition consisted of paired and group dances. For example, in a 'formation' dances group 8 persons synchronously performed elements on the floor. Among professionals this sport is considered the most spectacular and exciting.

"For complex elements must be complete trust in each other, otherwise you fail,” says champion Polina Leonova. "Tricks are important in rock and roll but not themselves, but in interacting with the dance, so it is also important to feel your partner."

Today across the country there are more than 200 sports schools and clubs for this sport. But in the republic it is just gaining popularity. As the judges note, the athletes were able to overcome excitement and gave it their all.

"Such competitions are held for the first time in such a wonderful city of Mirny. This is really a great event, and the competitions are held at the highest level," said the President of the Federation of Acrobatic Rock and Roll of RS (Y) Alexandra Trufanova.

The Cup was made possible thanks to a large festival that took place at the end of last year. Then on the sports grounds of the region, in the framework of the big sports festival held by the Diamond Company, the world stars in this sport performed and taught the basics of rock-and-roll. Some eminent tutors attended the event this time too. This is the winner of the World Cup, the current champion of Europe, master of sports of Russia of international class Dmitry Belyaev; candidate for master of sports, two-time world champion in women's ‘formation’ discipline, silver and bronze medalist of World Championships in the category of ‘Women and Men Formation-Mix’ Nadezhda Dolgopolova; champion of Russia, winner of the World Cup, champion of Europe and the World in ‘Formation-Mix’ Pavel Zyuzin; champion of Russia, winner of the World Cup, champion of Europe and the World in ‘Formation-Mix’ Polina Leonova.

Champion of Russia, winner of the World Cup, champion of Europe and the World in the ‘Formation-Mix’ discipline Pavel Zyuzin: "We are glad that the people who worked with us accepted all the information. Of course, they did 99% themselves. We just gave a clue.”

Champion of Russia, winner of the World Cup, champion of Europe and the World in ‘Formation-Mix’ Polina Leonova: “The audience was very warm to the novice athletes. Athletes themselves tried very hard to show what they can do.”

The event was attended by Viktor Ivanov - a member of the Presidium, Honored Coach of Russia, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, a sports judge of the first category in acrobatic rock'n'roll.

"I was pleasantly surprised that the guys achieved such results. For a short period of time, they mastered almost all the disciplines and showed their skills,” says the chief judge of the competition, Viktor Ivanov. “Of course, the performances were affected by the emotions and excitement of the athletes, but in general it worked out very well, they inflamed the audience."

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This was the first ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock'n'roll, the organizers are sure that next year there will be even more those willing to participate. On April 12, All-Russian Rock'n'Roll & Co competitions will be held in Moscow among the athletes of corporate clubs, where 46 participants of the ALROSA club will perform, ALROSA reports to Yakutia24.


Photo: Dinar Muratayev