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Gold, silver and bronze! Aleksandr Petrov of Yakutia at the Student's World Championship

  • Published in Sport

The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur hosts the World Championship in Shooting Sports among students

The Student's World Cup was held in this fabulous country March 14-18 and gathered more than 360 athletes from 24 countries of the world.

As part of the Russian national team, Yakut pistolier Aleksandr Petrov, trainee of the Regional Center for Sports Training (Churapcha) won three medals: gold and silver in the team championship and a bronze medal in the individual standings.

In pistol shooting, the Russian team consisting of Aleksandr Petrov from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Mikhail Isakov from the Arkhangelsk Region and Andrei Lyashuk from the Republic of Crimea are second in team placing. The Russians showed in the qualification the result of 1716 points out of 1800 possible. Gold was won by Anmol Jain, Achal Pratar Singh Greval and Nashant Sinthu from India, who got 1725 points. The third place with a score of 1709 points was won by Boram Che, Jabe Bae and Kim Mose from the Republic of Korea.



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