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Auto rally to the Pole of Cold

  • Published in Sport
In Yakutia, on March 22-25, Rally Championship of Yakutia for the prizes of Yakutsk Mayor Aisen Nikolaev will take place within the traditional ‘Journey to the Pole of Cold’ festival. Enthusiasts of extreme sports will again go to Tomtor on the legendary Kolyma Road, the organizing committee of the event said.

The first two stages of Yakutsk-Tyungyuly-Khandyga and Khandyga-Tomtor will be held on the principle of amateur rally. Participants will drive on public roads according to the driving regulations, with a given average speed, the lead or delay is subject to fines.

The third stage is a closed-course competition; there will be no speed limits, so the security requirements will be more stringent. Participation in the third stage is optional if the participant does not claim to the title or the performance of sports categories. In total, the participants will overcome 1,800 km.

The program of the championship includes visiting settlements, museums and cultural centers, the festival of cold and the residence of Chyskhaan – the Lord of Cold, participation in the forum of young teachers in Tomtor, meetings with residents of Oymyakon.

The Pole of Cold Rally-raid is held since 2011; in 2013 the event was awarded the status of the Championship of the RS (Y). In the same year, the rally-raid was included in the annual schedule of the Ministry of Sports of the RS (Y).