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Top Ten of 2017 Best Athletes

  • Published in Sport
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Annual Ball of Champions named laureates of the year

The best athletes were announced at a high profile award ceremony at Triumph Sports Center on December 22, 2017. names the best of the best.

The European champion, the winner of international tournaments in Finland and Ireland, the participant of the World Championship Vasily EGOROV was named The Best Athlete of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the most exciting Top Ten Athletes. Note that the master of a leather glove is one of the best athletes on a regular basis since 2012, showing an enviable stability and permanence. Two years ago Egorov already headed the list of the strongest in Yakutia, two more times he occupied second place.

The captain of the national team in freestyle wrestling, world-class sports master Viktor RASSADIN takes second place in Top-10 in 2017. The silver medal of the Russian championship, the victory at the European Cup, the bronze medal of the Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin and the victories at international tournaments of Dmitry Korkin in Yakutsk and the prizes of Vladimir Semenov in Nefteyugansk are among the track record of the Yakut wrestler for the sporting year. It is a curious fact that for the first time in determining the best, the wrestler was the only representative of sport No. 1 in Yakutia.

The top three best sportsmen of the year includes the first master of sports of international class from Yakutia in weight-lifting Mikhail SAVVINOV. The young athlete spent a brilliant year and rightfully won universal recognition. His success at the European Championships among youth, Russian championships, World Cup, as well as the anniversary Manchaary Games in Verkhnevilyuysk, is a vivid confirmation of this.

Fourth place in the list of the ten best athletes of 2017 rightfully belongs to the international grandmaster in checkers Gavril KOLESOV. In 2017, the Yakut intellectual once again confirmed the title of the strongest in the Russian and international arenas in Russian checkers. Now Kolesov has a record for the number of world pedestals won. He became 11-time world champion!

For the first time in sports career archer Evgenia TIMOFEEVA climbed the fifth line in the hit parade. Another bright representative of the Timofeev dynasty - Evgenia this year as part of the Russian national team became a silver medalist at the European Championships in France. In addition to the international pedestal, the Yakut archer also has medals in the cups and championships of Russia.

The sixth place is occupied by the Olympic hope of Yakutia in the marathon Sardaana TROFIMOVA. We must admit that this year Yakut track and field athlete does not have many official starts, and in many ways this is not her fault. Russian athletes, including marathon runners, were excluded from participation in world championships and international marathons for reasons known to all. As a result, Sardaana won the prestigious Moscow marathon, and also became the fourth in the Russian championship. In addition, Sardana Trofimova not only performed splendidly at the XX Manchaary Games in Verkhnevilyuisk, but also became a real heroine.

The seventh line is taken by another debutant of Top Ten Best Athletes - shot-putter Maksim AFONIN. The trainee of Honored Coach of Russia Nikolay Kolodko won many starts in 2017, including victories at the Russian Winter, V. Alekseev Memorial, championships of Moscow and Russia.

On the eighth place is one of the best shooters of Europe and the world Ayaal MAKAROV. In the reporting year, the Yakut athlete has a worthy harvest of awards at the Cup and the Russian championships. And the main achievement of the flagship of Yakut sporting is the silver medal of the European Championship in Poland. We add that Ayaal Makarov in 2015 was already one of the strongest athletes of the republic. Welcome back!

Ninth place is taken by an equally titled athlete from Yakutia, international grandmaster Matryona NOGOVITSYNA. She falls into the Top Ten for the fourth time. The list of her victories in the calendar year deserves recognition, because Nogovitsyna steadily achieves high successes in hundred-cell checkers. This year Matryona became the world champion among women in blitz, won the World Cup Turkish open, Salou open, Mongolia open and other significant tournaments.

And finally, the Top 10 of the best athlete of Yakutia is traditionally closed by a representative of national sports. The flying jumper Ivan PESTRYAKOV became the best this year. 2017, of course, is significant in his sports career. Ivan excelled in almost all tournaments, where he took part. And the jubilee Manchaary Games in Verkhnevilyuisk turned out to be glory hour for Ivan Pestryakov.   

Top Ten Athletes of 2017
  1. Vasily Egorov (boxing)
  2. Viktor Rassadin (freestyle wrestling)
  3. Mikhail Savvinov (kettlebell lifting)
  4. Gavril Kolesov (drafts)
  5. Evgenia Timofeeva (archery)
  6. Sardaana Trofimova (track and field athletics)
  7. Maksim Afonin (track and field athletics)
  8. Ayaal Makarov (sporting)
  9. Matryona Nogovitsyna (drafts)
  10. Ivan Pestryakov (Yakut jumps)