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The Games of Northern People Took Place in Yakutsk

  • Published in Sport
Last weekend  as a part of the “Zima nachinayetsya v Yakutii” ("Winter Begins with Yakutia") festival the strongest athletes of the republic on northern all-round were chosen in the sports training center "Triumph".

16 people from the Megino-Kangalassky, Neryungrinsky, Namsky, Vilyuysky, Verkhoyansky, Tomponsky, Ust-Maysky districts and Yakutsk have participated.

"We are developing with each year. In the first year of competitions only two kinds of sport were presented – lasso throwing and jumping over dog sleds. Then all competed outside on the Ordzhonikidze Square. This year the sports event has taken place for the seventh time where the strongest all-rounders, winners and prize-winners of Games of Manchaary participated. 11 athletes from 16 participants were Masters of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Sakha Republic in national sports. In the future we wish that the northern people would have their own "Igry Dygyna" (“Games of Dygyn”), – the first winner of "The Games of Northern People" Innokenti Makarov has told.

Competitions were held in such traditional sports kinds as a northern triple jump, firing from a laser rifle, throwing of a lasso on a trochee, jumps over dog sleds. Carrying over a bag with stroganina (whittled fish) was a new addition.