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Gold and silver for two days! Excellent start of the Yakut grandmaster

  • Published in Sport
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Gavril Kolesov won two medals at the World Draughts Championship.

St. Petersburg is hosting the World Draughts-64 Championship among men and women October 19 - October 29. The competitions are held separately for men and women in three programs: classical, fast and lightning. Lightning and classical program are conducted according to the international one (Russian version of draughts-64), fast program - according to the Brazilian version.

Kolesov 1

October 20 Yakut grandmaster Gavril Kolesov was the best of the 74 participants in the lightning program. And on Saturday the men played matches in the fast program. The winner was Igor Mikhalchenko, two-time World Champion from Belarus, the second was Gavril Kolesov.
Now at the World Championships there are battles in the classical program.