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79-year-old Athlete won World Championship

  • Published in Sport
sambo vet

Four-time world champion and ten times Sambo champion of Russia, master of sports of the USSR Gennady Fedotov (pictured left) won the silver medal at the world level Sambo tournament among veterans in the Croatian town of Porec, according to the website of the Neryungri District of Yakutia.

He started doing sports, particularly Sambo at the age of 23. Since 2000 he had been coaching younger sambo wrestlers in ‘Erel’ Youth and Children Sport Center of Neryungri for 15 years. Now the athlete is 79 years old.

"At World Sambo Championship among veterans in Porec I was very much surprised at how they supported me, a fighter from Russia in a foreign country. And it turned out that in the final I, almost 80-year-old pensioner, had to fight with a young 65-year-old fighter! I try to participate in all Sambo competitions that I come to know. For traveling, I save up my pension, sometimes it takes many months. Sometimes I find sponsors," - Gennady Fedotov said.
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