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Yakutians can become volunteers at the World Cup 2018


Yakutians can work as volunteers at the World Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg: one match of one eighth finals, the semifinal and the match for the third place will be held at the St. Petersburg stadium Zenith Arena.
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The Games of Northern People Took Place in Yakutsk

Last weekend  as a part of the “Zima nachinayetsya v Yakutii” ("Winter Begins with Yakutia") festival the strongest athletes of the republic on northern all-round were chosen in the sports training center "Triumph".

16 people from the Megino-Kangalassky, Neryungrinsky, Namsky, Vilyuysky, Verkhoyansky, Tomponsky, Ust-Maysky districts and Yakutsk have participated.

"We are developing with each year. In the first year of competitions only two kinds of sport were presented – lasso throwing and jumping over dog sleds. Then all competed outside on the Ordzhonikidze Square. This year the sports event has taken place for the seventh time where the strongest all-rounders, winners and prize-winners of Games of Manchaary participated. 11 athletes from 16 participants were Masters of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Sakha Republic in national sports. In the future we wish that the northern people would have their own "Igry Dygyna" (“Games of Dygyn”), – the first winner of "The Games of Northern People" Innokenti Makarov has told.

Competitions were held in such traditional sports kinds as a northern triple jump, firing from a laser rifle, throwing of a lasso on a trochee, jumps over dog sleds. Carrying over a bag with stroganina (whittled fish) was a new addition.


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Vladimir Balynets has set an absolute record of Russia

Honoured master of sports of Russia Vladimir Balynets has set a new record of Russia on bench press, having lifted a bar weighing 173 kg. Thereby Vladimir has improved the previous record of 172.5 kg which belonged to the 12-times world champion Sergey Fedoseenko.

The championship of Russia has taken place on November 22-25 in Berdsk of the Novosibirsk region. Participant tickets to the World Cup of bench press have been set as prizes at these competitions. The World Cup will be held in May of the next year in the capital of Finland Helsinki.
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Ivan Okhlopkov From Yakutia Has Won The “Fight Night Global” Tournament of Mixed Martial Arts In Three Minutes

The universal fighter from Yakutia Ivan Okhlopkov has won the fight using a chokehold at one of the biggest mixed martial arts tournaments in the world Fight Night Global 79. The spectacular fight took place in Penza on November 19.

Ivan Okhlopkov was offered to participate in Fight Night Global last winter. Tomponsky ulus-born athlete was training for over a month at the Moscow club “Eagles” under the mentorship of the renowned coach Islam Karimov.

My opponent didn’t come up with anything unexpected, I was prepared for him, so I performed accordingly. Trainings were more tiring than the fight itself. I managed to get a use of a chokehold, which I practiced on sparring” – the champion Ivan Okhlopkov has told.

That was the fourth and the last professional fight of the 36-year old yakut athlete. Originally his opponent was supposed to be Davar Matichev from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but his submission was withdrawn. Fighting against Okhlopkov was a 24-year old representative of the famous “Lomonosov-MMA” club Mikhail Sarbashev from Saint-Petersburg. 
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Residents Of Yakutsk Will Run The Winter Semi-Marathon Devoted To Mikhail Nikolaev's 80 Year Anniversary

The open republican competition of winter semi-marathon ”Beg v dvoinom kholode” ("Running in double cold"), devoted to the 80th anniversary of the first president of the Sakha Republic Mikhail Efimovich Nikolaev, will take place on November 25 in the area "Orto Doidu" of the Khangalassky ulus.

"Everyone having the corresponding training, the medical admission of the cardiologist and insurance is allowed to participate in the competition. The competition will be divided into several age groups. Individual food is allowed", - the Ministry of Sports of Yakutia is stating on their website.

Currently in the afternoon the air temperature in Yakutsk goes down to -35 C.
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Anastasia Diodorova Is Mastering Surfing

The member of the Russian Paralympic national team on swimming, the Europe and World champion, the silver prize-winner of the Paralympic Games, the Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation, the resident of Yakutsk Anastasia Diodorova is practicing a new kind of sport – surfing.

Anastasia decided to try standing up on a surfing board while in Bali.
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The National Free-Style Wrestling Team Of Yakutia Will Take Off For Tokyo

On Monday night the free-style wrestling national team of Yakutia takes off for Tokyo for joint trainings with the national team of Japan.

13 fighters and three coaches of the national team of Yakutia will be staying in Japan till November 26. The team members flying to Tokyo include the winner of The European Nations Cup Victor Rassadin, as well as brothers Pyotr and Alexey Kopylovs, Nyurgun Alexandrov, Eduard Grigoriev, Nikolay Okhlopkov, Dmitry Aksenov, Georgy Kychkin, Vitaly Espek, Herman Ustinov, Timur Nikolaev, Ivan Efremov and Konstantin Vlasov. They will be accompanied by the head coach of the national team of Yakutia Vladimir Kirillin and their mentors Ivan Dmitriyev and Yakov Filippov.

Besides following purely sports purposes like experience sharing and holding joint trainings, Yakutia’s heads of sport will also be negotiating with the Japanese Federation of wrestling for cooperation. One of the main goals of negotiations will be ensuring the participation of the best fighters of Japan in three international tournaments of Yakutia: the tournament of the honored trainer of the USSR, RSFSR and YASSR Dmitry Korkin, the tournament among juniors in memory of the Olympic champion Roman Dmitriyev and the tournament for prizes of the Olympic champion Pavel Pinigin.
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Viktor Rassadin has won the cup of ALROSA

Viktor Rassadin, the leading freestyle wrestler of Yakutia, as a member of Russian national team has won the prestigious Cup of the European nations – the Cup of ALROSA. The event took place in Moscow from 11 to 12 November.
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