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Place of Good Hope: Stories of little patients

Mesto Nadejdy
"Today my son waved his hand for the first time in his life,"
the mother of three-year-old Sasha shares her joy. He has a severe diagnosis – infantile cerebral palsy. The boy does not speak much, does not walk. Parents are happy that they were able to get into the new rehabilitation center in Yakutsk, and their son already has visible results. Before that, they had to travel to Neryungri every year.

Go on, even if you're afraid to lose

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Fragile outside - very strong inside. This impression is produced when you meet the heroine of our article - Svetlana Tikhonova - geophysicist of the Vilyuiysk Geological Exploration Expedition of ALROSA. 
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WhatsApp in Yakut language: a seminar for journalists

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The Republican Media Center hosted a seminar for journalists writing in the Yakut language.  The event is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and the Institute for Humanitarian Research and Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS.
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The story of how the Chukchi assimilated the Eskimos

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Geneticists from Magadan have conducted the first genetics screening of the “Arctic” mutations among the indigenous people of Siberia. In population of the Far North the evolutionary selection has been along the lines of the adjustment to the extreme climatic conditions as well as to the diet consisting of seal and whale meat and fat rich in fatty acids. As a result the so-called Arctic mutations that best fit such a lifestyle became established in the genotype of those people. In terms of biochemistry the most researched is the chromosome 11 mutation of the CPT1A gene.

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Residents of Yakutia are most romantic in Russia

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On February 14 the whole world celebrates the most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day. On the eve of Valentine's Day, the team of the CupoNation international startup decided to find out where in Russia the most romantic people live, and where the holiday is most popular.
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