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From Yakutia With Love: Evenki souvenirs as Christmas gifts to federal officials

  • Published in Society
The Russian Federation Public Chamber will redeem souvenirs made by children from the Yakut village of Iengra.

The proposal for such support of residents of Iengra was expressed by Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Yakutia Marina Bogoslovskaya at the last meeting of the Public Chamber of Russia.

"There is a boarding school in the village with very talented children. They make souvenirs from fur, beads, leather with their own hands.I introduced representatives of the RF Public Chamber with the administration of the boarding, now they are discussing all the nuances.  Funds will go towards publication of a book of Evenki fairy tales and proverbs ", - she said.Marina Bogoslovskaya noted that next week estimate for the publication of the book will be prepared.
Iengra is a village in the Neryungri region, the only place in the world, densely populated by the Evenki. As of 1 January 2010, the village population was 1103 persons, including 856 indigenous people – the Evenki.Villagers are engaged in reindeer herding and commercial hunting.