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Severe Frosts Expected in Yakutia in January

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лютые морозы
IA SakhaNews. Specialists of the Center "Antistikhiya" prepared a detailed forecast of the possible emergency situations (ES), which may happen this winter.

It may be colder than usual at New Year in Tuva, Khakassia, part of Krasnoyarsk region, Buryatia, part of Transbaikalia down to Chita.

In the south and in the European part of the country in January climatic norm is expected. The same is forecasted for the Urals, North-West, and the Far East.The climate is worse in North Siberia.Severe frosts are expected in Yakutia and Magadan region.Adverse prognosis is given for the Northern Sea Route.Not so long ago, climatologists reported that due to global warming, the NSR became year-round.But this year, the Northern Sea Route is forecasted to freeze.

Source:"Российскаягазета" (“Rossiyskaya gazeta” newspaper)