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Yuka Mammoth to be exhibited in Moscow

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The mammoth of Yakutia has arrived in Moscow from Vladivostok by train. October 28 at 15.00 Yuka mammoth was brought to the Central House of Artists, where it will become the main exhibit of Exhibition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the Russian Geographical Society, told IA YakutiaMedia in the Academy of Sciences of Sakha (Yakutia).

The frozen carcass of fossil animal was brought to Moscow by train from Vladivostok in a special container.The carcass will be kept in a special cryo sarcophagus to be installed in front of the main entrance to the building of the Central House of Artists.The remains of a prehistoric mammal are stored in a cryocapsule, where the constant temperature is kept -18 ° C.

It is believed that the sample of a woolly mammoth, which soon will be seen by guests of the Festival of Russian Geographical Society, is the best preserved of all found in the history of the world of paleontology.Yuka mammoth was discovered in 2010 by members of the Yukagir community on the shores of Laptev Sea in Ust-Yansky District of Yakutia.

Furthermore, the Festival will feature other valuable paleontological exhibits: the soft tissue of the woolly mammoth, bones and skeletons of fossil animals, as well as various finds made during expeditions organized by members of the Russian Geographical Society in Yakutia.
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