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National associations of Yakutia held a charity event to support Ukrainian refugees

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The Department for peoples of the Republic on October 22 held a charity event "There is no someone else's misfortune" to help refugees from Ukraine in the Kulakovsky House of Peoples' Friendship in Yakutsk.
National-cultural associations, such as the Tajik, Azeri, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Armenian, Tatar-Bashkir, Cossack, put on a concert and gave them the humanitarian aid in the form of clothes, food and other accessories required.
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Head of the Department of the peoples of Yakutia Aleksey Serguchev said to YSIA that the people who live in Yakutia, are obliged to help refugees."Families of the folk communities took patronage over each family individually.Many of the refugees are unemployed and can not just buy, for instance, school supplies for their children. Winter has already come, they need winter clothes in the first place", - emphasized Serguchev.
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According to the organizers, 23 families were covered who live at a given time in the building of school in the village of Khatassy.
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One of the Ukrainian refugees Evgeny Pisarev from Donetsk told that his family has come to Yakutia for the first time.His eldest daughter goes to school, the youngest is only 11 months.According to him, most of all for the time being they lack baby milk, living conditions and high-paying jobs. “Yesterday, we watched the news on television and on the Internet.In Ukraine, there are constant fights. We do not want to go back yet. And anyway, we're not sure if our home is still there”, - said Pisarev.
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He also added that this charity event is very pleasant, and expressed gratitude to the organizers.