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Innovators of Yakutia appeared in Skolkovo: StartUp Village

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On June 3, in Skolkovo Hypercube the Startup Village Conference completed. Within two days, investors, entrepreneurs and guests studied the latest achievements in the field of innovation, debated on energy, nuclear, medical and digital technologies, and at the end the best projects were awarded checks for hundreds of thousands of rubles.The event set the goal to provide a platform for innovators to engage with local and international investors, major technology corporations, to obtain information on existing tools of support from key members of the innovation ecosystem.

For the first time the Yakut innovators made ​​presentations on the pitch sessions before the leading experts in the field of aerospace, medicine and information technologies.

- technology of unmanned flying machines (LLC "Atlas", a resident of the "Yakutia" Technopark);

- bioglue (Peter Nikiforov, Medical Institute of NEFU) - development and application of medical tissue adhesive on the basis of biological collagen from local raw materials;

- hardware and software package to create the effect of presence (Sergey Vasiliev, a resident of the "Yakutia" Technopark  and of NEFU) - a remote-controlled mobile complex of full-domic panoramic video shooting with interactive real-time preview.

Also the following projects caused the interest of investors:
- mobile application "Tourist Guide" Guide to Yakutia"(Alyona Kupriyanova, LLC  “SakhaBusinessPartner "- a resident of the "Yakutia" Technopark);

- cultivation of vegetables and strawberries hydroponically (Lyudmila Popova, a resident of the “Yakutia” Technopark);

- service for preparation and delivery of the reporting "Otchetarius" (Sergey Protopopov, a resident of the "Yakutia" Technopark).
It is worth noting that some of the projects have applied for the status of residents of the Technopark Skolkovo, where from the last year there’s a working area "SoftLanding" for the Yakut innovators.This proves the qualitative growth and the effectiveness of the policy of the Republic in the field of innovation.However, without proper infrastructure development, the Yakut innovators have to carry out the commercialization of their designs at the very early stage.At the same time, the greatest effect and major investors are expected with the construction of High-Tech Park in the city of Yakutsk, the completion of which is scheduled in 2016.

As part of the event, representatives of the State Committee of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on Innovation Policy and Science in the persons of First Deputy Chairman Alexander Safronov and Ayal Protopopov have worked on the interaction with the Federal Space Agency and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, on the basis of which the joint IT-project is scheduled.

In two days the Conference was attended by ten thousand guests, including Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and Director General of the State Corporation "Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies" (RUSNANO) etc. Representatives of large companies, venture capital funds, business angels appreciated ideas of startup teams in various categories. At the same time independent pitch sessions of residents of Technopark gave great results as well.

“The main difference of StartUp Village among such events is that its participants are given a unique opportunity to communicate directly with investors in a relaxed atmosphere, and can discuss the possibility of raising finance in detail”, - said Tatiana Bravina, Deputy Head of Department on work with the residents of the "Yakutia" Technopark.

In addition to projects defense, all participants could attend training sessions - branded master classes, unique lectures and chat with living legends of technological entrepreneurship.This year, the event was attended by Peter Vesterbacka - CEO of Rovio Mobile, Rahul Sood - the creator of the legendary line of game computers Voodoo, Alessandro Curioni - IBM Fellow and many other gurus of the global innovation community.Startup Village was a logical conclusion of Russian Startup Tour – roadshow of the Russian development institutes, which was held in Yakutsk April 1, 2014, and totally swept 28 cities of Russia.