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'ALROSA Airlines' will perform a Victory Flight in a lucky plane

  • Published in Society
Polet Pobedy
In memory of the heroic deed and valor of the Soviet people, ‘ALROSA Airlines’ will fly on May 7 in the legendary TU-154 85684 IZHMA aircraft from Moscow to Sochi and back

According to the representative of ALROSA Airlines Tatyana Litvinova, special features of the Victory Flight will be a special menu for passengers, including "Narkom's 100 grams of vodka," a special uniform of flight attendants, music of the war years and historical background information during take-off and landing.

TU-154 85684 IZHMA is notable for the fact that on September 7, 2010 it made an emergency landing at the airfield Izhma (the Republic of Komi). From there, it earned the nickname Izhma. The plane landed on the runway, long withdrawn from service and unsuitable for airplanes of this type. After landing, the plane drove 168 meters outside the runway through bushes and trees. There were no injuries, the board received minor damage. Later it was restored and still serves regular flights. On October 8, 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded the crew chief Evgeny Novoselov and the second pilot Andrei Lamanov the title of Hero of Russia. The rest of the crew (flight navigator, flight engineer and flight attendants) were awarded the Order of Courage.

It is interesting that the events of Tu-154M landing in Izhma are partially shown in the comedy movie Yolki 2, where the action takes place in a distressed aircraft (Aleksei Petrenko as the crew commander, and Pavel Barshak as the second pilot). According to the plot, they are trying to land an emergency Tu-154 aircraft at an abandoned airfield, not knowing if it is in use now and whether someone is maintaining its runway or not. For orientation in space, they use a glass of water.

Fortunately for pilots and passengers, an ordinary aviation officer (his role was played by Vladimir Menshov) turns out to regularly fulfill his duty for many years, supporting the runway in working order. The prototype of this man is Sergei Sotnikov. He is known for the fact that for 12 years after the ‘Izhma’ airport shutdown he kept the runway in proper working condition by his own efforts. In 2012, he was awarded the For Service to the Motherland medal of II degree.