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Yakutsk among 100 Best Russian municipalities in 2017

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For positive dynamics of basic indicators of economic, innovative, infrastructural and socio-cultural development, and for the consolidated efforts of city residents in the comprehensive development of the territory, the city district ‘Yakutsk’ is included in the list of ‘100 Best Municipalities of Russia in 2017.’

This was reported by Mikhail Oshlakov, leader of the Club of the municipal heads.

"We note the steady growth of the key figures of the development of the city of Yakutsk and the consolidated efforts of its residents to comprehensively harmonize the development of the municipality. We express confidence that the inclusion of Yakutsk in the list of ‘100 Best Municipalities of Russia in 2017’ will help residents and authorities achieve new heights in the development of their native land."

It should be noted that the organizer of the contest ‘100 Best Municipalities of Russia’ is the Club of Heads of the Municipal Sphere, the largest professional association of the municipal economy and management branch. The assessment of municipalities is made by the following benchmarks: the economy, improvement, social factors, innovative equipment and quality of municipal information systems, the reputation of management, the image of the municipality in a professional environment.

In 2017, about 400 municipalities and more than 30 representatives of the entities of the Russian Federation took part in the competition. The organizers note that the competition evaluates not only the work of administrations of municipalities, which is the prerogative of voters or higher authorities, but the success of the municipality and its inhabitants. The project is designed to encourage the efforts of the population to actually make their city the best in the country.

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