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‘Bloggers Battle’ kicks off in Yakutsk

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Over the weekend, there was an audition for ‘Bloggers 
Battle’ show, the top award of which is a studio apartment in Yakutsk

About 60 potential participants told about themselves, presented video messages, explained why they want to win an apartment, what benefits they can bring to the city, and also answered the questions of the jury members.

Based on the results of casting, 30 people were selected for the show project, who got the highest score. Among them, for example, are well-known in Yakutia and Russia volunteer Anton Vasiliev, viner Vitaly Shchukin, Levelup dance school leader Tuyaara Tomskaya and other "social networks rising stars."

Also the jury decided to admit to participation in the project 6 more people who could not attend the audition. Among them there is a well-known entrepreneur, formerly known as a rap performer in Yakutia Ruslan Ochirov, as well as Angelika Protodiakonova (a girl with huge painted eyebrows) who became famous worldwide.

Throughout the project, participants will perform assignments from the organizers, including participating in city actions and projects, trying on various professions - from the realtor to the employee of the District Administration, and one task will concern 3rd International Conference "Cities and People: Communication and Digitalization. All this they will show and tell in social networks.

Watch for details in Instagram @bitvablogerovykt
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