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Yakut students to study in the Arctic

  • Published in Society

Yakut students will be able to study at the universities that explore the Arctic under a student exchange program

On April 6, the students of the East Siberian Institute of Economics and Management met with the President of the International Consortium of Arctic and Northern Universities University of the Arctic Lars Kullerud (Norway) and Vice-President of the University of Newfoundland (Canada).


The Consortium University of the Arctic is a network of universities, colleges and research institutes involved in the development of education and science in the North, one of its activities is the development of universities, the exchange of experience between them.

The event discussed training programs for student exchange, as well as trainings for teachers in the countries of the circumpolar region. The students had the opportunity to personally talk to the President of the University of the Arctic, and ask all the questions. Students actively asked questions and showed interest in the programs of the University of the Arctic on the exchange of students between universities.


On April 7, a meeting of the Board of the Consortium University of the Arctic was held, at which the presentations of the higher educational institutions included in its structure were presented and the issues of improving professional education and academic mobility between universities and colleges of the Arctic countries were discussed.