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Two new children's dental offices in Mirny

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Modern equipment was purchased in the framework of the municipal district program Mirny District, Friendly to Children, in which AK ALROSA took part, allocating one million rubles.

Two dental surgeries are equipped at this amount in the children's department of Mirny City Hospital. The equipment meets all modern requirements and medical standards. Treatment of little patients is completely free.

"ALROSA Company has always pays great attention to education, and, most importantly, to the health of the growing generation of diamond-miners,” said the head of the housing department of the ALROSA Social Welfare and Regional Development Management Nikolai Frank. “In conditions of remoteness of our cities, the presence of a modern children's dental office is especially important, since the treatment of young patients, often requires a special approach. The purchase of this equipment is another charitable contribution of the Company in the field of medicine development in the region."

New dental equipment allows to conduct a lot of medical manipulations. Up to surgical treatment. And it is as painless as possible, that is important.

According to the doctors of the children's department of the Mirny City Hospital, the new dental units outperform the previous ones for a number of characteristics. Now, it will provide assistance to patients faster and better. The new equipment will allow to admit for treatment more than 50 little ones a day.

In 2018, ALROSA plans to allocate half a million rubles for the purchase of a children's dental office in the village of Svetly. In the future, the acquisition of medical equipment and rural medical outpatient clinics. In particular, Arylakh, Suldyukar and Taas-Yuryakh, within the framework of the program, will purchase the following: Ambu baby bag for emergency ventilation, nebulizer, portable 6/12 channel electrocardiograph, heated blanket and oxygen inhaler.