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7th Orthodox Youth Congress in Yakutsk

  • Published in Society
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7th Orthodox Youth Congress of Yakutia, which is dedicated to the Year of Volunteering in Russia, kicked off in the capital of the republic. The events began on March 23 with a grand opening and will last until March 26.

The program includes a visit to the Russia is My History Historical Park, a training seminar on volunteering, lectures and talks. The Archbishop of Yakutsk and Lensk Roman spoke about the role of the forum in preserving Orthodox traditions.

"It is encouraging that the Congress is taking place with the participation of young people. We are here to communicate with each other and learn something new about the Orthodox tradition and faith. Moreover, this year is the Year of Volunteering, and we will pay special attention to this topic," he said.

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The Minister for Youth Affairs and Family Policy of the region, Afanasy Vladimirov, stressed that the servers of the Yakutsk diocese are doing a lot to strengthen spirituality among young people, and the topic of volunteering that will be touched upon at the Congress, is very relevant.

"Kindness and charity are inherent in every person. Our task is to bring this to young people and instill such spiritual and moral values. Young people in Yakutia are very active and progressive," said Ivan Lutskan, Deputy Minister for the development of civil society institutions in Yakutia.

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The guest of the forum, the Development Director of The Joy of Old Age Charitable Foundation Alla Romanovskaya says that she visits the forum for the third time. "At the event, I will talk about helping older people and, in general, about volunteering. It's easy, and everyone who wants to share their warmth with others can do it in the simplest and most accessible ways," she said.