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Children of the Sun: Photo exhibition on the World Down Syndrome Day in Yakutsk

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World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is observed on March 21. On the initiative of the Karyskhal Charitable Foundation in Asia Business and Entertainment Center opened a photo gallery of families whose children were born with such a diagnosis. Sometimes they are called "sunny children."

March 21 is a symbolic date for people with Down syndrome. The fact is that this disease involves the presence of 3 copies of 21 chromosomes. For the first time this holiday was celebrated in 2006.

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The pictures will be posted a week. The photographers met with five families, and with the help of photos tried to tell their stories. On each floor the photo gallery is dedicated to one family. There is a comment from the photographer himself to all works - all families were worried about the photo shoot, but the photos eventually turned out very kind and sincere.

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Doctor Asya Yakovleva, mother of 10-year-old Vera, told about her family: "We have very little information on how to raise children with such a syndrome. Ten years ago, my colleagues suggested that I give up my daughter because of the complexity and high cost of care. I was told that she would never stand on own feet.” According to her, in the risk group there are women who give birth for the first time after thirty, but there are young mothers in the community of parents of sunny children. "We should accept them. My daughter taught me a lot. I was completely different until my daughter's birth – she is such a particularly wise girl with a pure heart," commented Vera's mother.

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Families of children with Down syndrome are faced with the problem of misunderstanding of society. They may not be accepted into kindergartens, interest groups and schools. However, there are those who meet such people: Vera went to kindergarten # 21 and was equal to the rest of the children. Also Asya Yakovleva raised the problem of the lack of specialists who could help speak to sunny children.

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Director of the Kharyskhal Charitable Foundation Vera Dushkevich notes that such events help families to get open to society: "When such a child appears in the family, families usually become very closed. This action should inform people that we are all different. Regardless of the diagnosis, we should learn how to live happily."
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