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‘Many Faces of Yakutsk’: Presentation of a film about non-indigenous peoples

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‘Many Faces of Yakutsk’ is a series of films about those who, by the will of fate, found themselves in Yakutsk and stayed here forever. This film became possible thanks to the project People's Budget. The premiere took place on March 13 at the Cinema

The creative group of documentary films Kyun ogoloro worked on the project throughout the year. The main heroes of the film cycle are the non-indigenous peoples of the republic - the Buryats, Tuvinians, Yezidis and many others.

In 2016, the authors of the film cycle ‘Many Faces of Yakutsk’ received support under the 'People's Budget' project, initiated by the head of the city Aisen Nikolaev, including the support of creative initiatives of citizens.

Yakutsk is one of the most multinational cities in Russia. Over four centuries, more than 140 nations of the world live in friendship and harmony; therefore it is not surprising that the friendship of the peoples became the leitmotif of all the films of the cycle. The film brings together short stories of all the heroes of the big cycle. The audience sees those who decided to share their personal stories.

Someone happened to be in Yakutsk because of repression, someone came here on Komsomol assignment, and someone went to Yakutsk for extreme, adventure and new sensations. Everyone has his/her own story, from which the history of the city, the republic and our country develops.

As the director Diana Khudaeva notes, non-professional actors are engaged in the film, so in the process of filming they had to face some difficulties.

"Not everyone wanted to participate, they refused for various reasons. But in general, people supported us; we thank them so much for it! We got great pleasure from the project - we learned a lot about the history of the city and the republic. We uncovered the history of the city entirely from the other side - through the fate of our heroes," she says.

According to producer Sardaana Barabanova, they wanted to show the uniqueness of Yakutsk and its residents through this film: "In Yakutsk, there are very severe climatic conditions, but despite this, all our heroes live here, raise children and most importantly - do not want to leave here."

All the films from the cycle 'Many Faces of Yakutsk' can be seen from April 4 on the Sakha 24 TV channel.

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