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Yakutsk launches a universal fare system, the first in Russia

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Residents of Yakutsk will be able to pay for trips in the city transport with the help of bank cards and smartphones until the end of March

According to the head of the city Aisen Nikolaev, the system is universal and has no analogues in Russia. The head of the city personally checked the implementation and tested the work of the new equipment.

The system of electronic payment for travel has been developed by the Russian companies. Its main advantage is "whateverism," that is, one device can accept payment in various ways, from travel cards and ending with bank cards of all kinds and smartphones. The system will also take into account benefits for school travel cards and social cards and will issue cash receipts confirming payment.

According to Aisen Nikolaev, its implementation can be considered a revolution in the public transport system of the capital. Yakutsk was the first in Russia to test such a universal system and the neighboring regions and Minskostokrazvitiya (Ministry for Development of Russian Far East) have already become interested in this experience.

"This is a revolutionary step, firstly, because in Russia there is little use of such technologies, and secondly, the system itself has no analogues in our country. Now debugging of the equipment in the test mode is going on. In general, everything is working, although there are still some minor nuances that will be corrected within a few weeks and, I hope, since mid-March, the townspeople will be able to pay for travel with it,” he said.


Special readers - validators installed in all city buses and theoretically they can be used now. However, the city authorities are not in a hurry, seeking to eliminate all the shortcomings before the system begins to work in full force.

According to the head of the Yakutsk Passenger Vehicle Company Sergey Maksimov, the first attempts to introduce electronic payment for travel in Yakutsk were made back in 2011, but then there were problems with imported equipment, which caused failures in the summer heat. This time we decided to take advantage of Russian developers.

"We started testing the system a year ago. At first it crashed, as it turned out because of the static electricity that occurs when there are a lot of passengers in fur coats in the bus and unstable voltage of the validators themselves. Today, both problems are solved, the system is finalized and is now ready for use," he said.

The introduction of electronic payment for travel does not cancel cash payment, although the city administration does not hide that they intend to minimize it to the extent possible. Therefore tariffs when paying by wire transfer will be lower than for cash.

Department for Public and Media Relations of Yakutsk