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‘Diamond Autumn’ Non-State Pension Fund paid 1.3 billion rubles in 2017

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In 2017, the Non-State Pension Fund ‘Diamond Autumn’ fully fulfilled its obligations to customers on pension payments. The total amount of paid out funds amounted to 1 332 million rubles.

1 259 million rubles from this amount was paid on corporate and individual pension programs. Another 73 million rubles the fund paid on compulsory pension insurance (funded pension).

The main share of payments was made within the framework of the corporate pension program of ALROSA, the main investor and shareholder of the fund. In 2018, the first payments are expected within the parity pension program of ALROSA, which started in July last year.

Over the years of its activity (1995-2017), the fund has created property worth 22.6 billion rubles, and the total pension payments amounted to 12.0 billion rubles.
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