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Valeria Ivanova: I consciously chose my profession

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ALROSA Diamond Company employs young people from different parts of Yakutia. One of them is Valeria Ivanova, a worker at the Diamond Sorting Workshop (DSW).

Valeria chairs the Council of Young Specialists of the DSW, and this year she started working at the Council of the Association of ALROSA Young Specialists. Today she is a guest of ‘Sitim’ Media Group.  


-  Valeria, where do you come from, how did you get to work for ALROSA Diamond Company?

- I come from the village of Khatyly, Churapcha ulus. My father works as a master of public utilities, my mother works at the municipal administration. Sister Natalia is a doctor.

I graduated from a rural school, but I chose my profession independently and consciously. For a long time I was interested in mining, the structure of precious stones, diamonds. So, after school, I went straightly to the then-Department for Personnel Training with the intent to enter the Moscow State Mining University.

Five years passed quickly, and I graduated with the speciality of mining engineer and mineral engineer. In addition, I voluntarily completed a very interesting course of experts on diamonds.

No one waited for me in Mirny and I had never been here before. I came here exclusively on my own. I rented an apartment. Of course, that was very expensive for me, but I had a great desire to work and stand on my own feet. I immediately started looking for a job in my field, sending out my resume. I think that filling out your CV means a lot, so young people should not let things slide.

Certainly, at first I had to know and understand a lot, but I haven't studied in Moscow for five years in vain! In the same year I was employed as a cartographer to the department of the mine surveyor at the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, where I worked for two years. There I learned firsthand what the main production is, mines, landfills...

In 2013, I joined the Diamond Sorting Workshop. I think my resume played a huge role here. DSW Director Oleg Popov not only carefully read my documents, but also conducted an individual interview.

- Valeria, your perseverance is worthy of praise. It's not easy to find a job here. On the other hand, ALROSA employees are socially protected from all sides. For example, the tradition of mentoring does not allow a young worker to fail. Did you feel this tradition on yourself?

- This really helped me a lot. It can be said, only thanks to the benevolence, advice and help of senior colleagues I work safely at my place.
I started working on one of the most important sites - in the workshop for sorting small diamonds. The head of the department Andrei Innokentievich Tarasov and the senior expert Tatiana Alekseevna Nishpol helped me a lot. Surely, I did not know much, I did not know how. But they did not get tired to help me with their advice - in word and deed. For this I am very grateful to them.

Ivanova diamonds
- Valeria, but how about the organization of living conditions in the DSW?

- When I just started to work, the chairman of the trade union committee was Polina Petrova. Thanks to her efforts I got a room in the hostel. It was the organization that helped me in such a difficult time with housing. Today the trade union committee is headed by our head of department Andrey Tarasov.

Andrei Innokentievich always supports in difficult times for me. In general, it is the tradition of mentoring that helped me gain a foothold at my work, to find my way in life.

- Valeria, what do you do in your spare time?

- At school I played volleyball and basketball a little. But I have no great achievements in sports. Well, at ALROSA everything is done for the leisure of young people. We have everything - the Triumph stadium, Kimberlite ice rink (Ice Arena), swimming pools, sports complexes. One can go in for skiing, cycling, archery - there are all conditions. I go in for cycling; I specially bought a Cube Aim mountain bike. With girlfriends we pass through Zarechnaya, deep into the taiga. Therefore, I am pretty trained on the river descents and ascents.

Playing sports helps a lot in the work. And the enterprise in every possible way creates conditions for this. As chairman of the Council of Young Specialists, I am interested in participation of our guys in various competitions. Aleksei Evstratov, DSW Deputy Director, always supports us.

- And how do you spend your vacation?

- My hobby is traveling abroad. I visited many countries of Asia and Europe. I try to learn more about their life, traditions and customs, how they live and differ from us.

- Valeria, I'm happy for you, that you have such a good job and all is well with you. Let it always be so. I wish you all the best!

Interviewed by Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny