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Go on, even if you're afraid to lose

  • Published in Society
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Fragile outside - very strong inside. This impression is produced when you meet the heroine of our article - Svetlana Tikhonova - geophysicist of the Vilyuiysk Geological Exploration Expedition of ALROSA. 
Our meeting with Sveta took place under very standard circumstances. A few months ago, when I began my career in geological expedition, I realized that I felt the need for social activities. Then I, a new employee, was met very positively by the Council of Young Professionals of the division, Sveta was one of the members of it.

She was born in the city of Nyurba of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and she had to change three schools in connection with the relocations. Already in the ninth grade Svetlana chose her future profession - her older brother, a geologist, was and still is a good example and motivator for her. Svetlana chose the same specialization that was but slightly different from her brother's, becoming a geophysicist (the brother convinced her that one geologist for the family would be quite enough). Today, after two years of hard work, the girl thanks her brother for the priceless advice he gave.

After several months of work and close cooperation with Svetlana on the activities of the young specialists of the Vilyuisk Expedition, I can say with certainty that it is thanks to such responsible people, not indifferent to the development of the movement of young specialists, that the association of young specialists of ALROSA extends its spheres of activities, attracting new people to the common goal.

Since 2017, Svetlana has been working for of the quarterly newspaper of the Vilyuisky Expedition "Compass" as the editor. It should be noted that there are not so many divisions in the Company where young specialists release their own periodicals, and the employees of our Expedition always look forward to the articles with interest - Svetlana, in addition to editing, is also engaged in writing articles for the publication.

She admits that she was never fascinated with journalism, but she always respected this work. She has never thought before that she would be able to combine such incompatible things - the work of a geophysicist and the work at the information sector of the Council of Young Professionals of the Vilyuisk Geological Exploration Expedition. By the way, it's never too late to try yourself in something new, and the road is known to occur under the walking legs. When she had a chance to prove herself as a journalist, she realized that despite the "invisibility" of this profession, the journalist is the "eyes and ears" of any event. It is thanks to the beautiful style of presentation that the reader can immerse himself in this or that described event. A journalist, as an artist, can either describe casually and carelessly the actions that appear in front of the "spectator" in a boring form, or colorfully, vividly and visually show interesting moments. Sveta does not have idols in the "print business" as such, but she considers Andrei Malakhov (popular Russian TV presenter – Editor’s Note) one of the best journalists in our country. Sveta also shared with me the secrets of writing a good material - for this she needs to step back from what is happening around, not to be distracted by anything and concentrate entirely on creativity.

Of course, her favorite pastime is reading books. Of the last read, Sveta singled out Jack London's novel "Martin Eden" (Note: we advise young professionals to listen to recommendations!), which tells how an ordinary sailor becomes a famous writer.

Among the achievements of Svetlana for a relatively short period of time, one can single out her work as the deputy chairman of the Young Specialists Council of the Vilyuisk Expedition, and participation in the work of the press center, scientific and technical center of the department of young specialists, and a trip in autumn 2017 to the city of Antwerp (Belgium) under the program "Summer University." And also, according to the results of 2017, Sveta deservedly won 3rd place in the nomination "Young journalist" of the "Achievement of the Year" award. No wonder they say A talented person is talented in everything!

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Great support in her endeavors is rendered by her beloved family - her parents do not cease to be surprised that at the age of 24 their daughter, who didn't have a fancy for writing essays at school, became an active member of the press center.

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Sveta herself says that she has so many plans for 2018, but refused to share in detail. She goes through life with the motto Go on, even if you're afraid to lose. In turn, I would like to wish success to the heroine of our essay, new creative ideas and not a minute of free time! We, young professionals, need such people, and, therefore, we will not leave her alone and will keep her busy!

Lidia Batysheva